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TruSculpt Fat Reduction

Discover truSculpt Fat Reduction, our inviting non-invasive treatment dedicated to enhancing your body contours and rejuvenating your skin. Utilising the power of monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy, we skillfully target and reduce localised fat deposits, achieving a notable 24% reduction with each session, all without the need for surgery, incisions, or anesthesia.

Our primary focus is on fat reduction and skin tightening, as we harness the benefits of RF energy to induce cell death in fat cells. These eliminated fat cells are naturally processed and removed by your body, leading to improved body contours. This personalised and adaptable treatment not only helps you shed unwanted fat but also offers remarkable skin tightening advantages.

The procedures are quick, with minimal downtime, allowing you to swiftly return to your daily activities. As your results gradually emerge over the course of several weeks to months, we're here to guide you in determining if truSculpt is the right choice for you.


TruSculpt Treatment - $1,499

The benefits
  • Permanently removes unwanted fat by 24% each session
  • Radio frequency significantly tightens lax, loose or saggy skin.
  • Non-Surgical Approach: Effectively tackles persistent excess fat and addresses skin laxity concerns without the need for surgery.
  • Sculpted and Tightened Appearance: Results in a sculpted and tightened appearance across the body.
  • Swift Treatment: Completed swiftly in under 30 minutes, providing a quick solution.
  • No Downtime: Associated with no downtime, allowing patients to promptly return to their daily activities.
  • Adaptability: Meticulously tailored to address specific concerns, whether dealing with challenging-to-reach small areas or larger expanses.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Effectively caters to various tissue densities, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized solution.
TruSculpt Fat Reduction
TruSculpt Bankstown

TruSculpt Fat Reduction

How it works

truSculpt employs state-of-the-art monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology, an integral part of our offerings at About Face Cosmetics, to intricately target the entire layer of fat. By utilizing controlled thermal energy, truSculpt effectively and permanently obliterates fat cells, a process that unfolds over the course of 12 weeks, naturally expelling the damaged cells from the body. While primarily designed to address stubborn excess fat throughout the body, it also offers the added benefit of modestly reducing skin laxity. This phenomenon is attributed to apoptosis, the process of programmed cell death, which triggers the production of collagen and elastin, leading to skin tightening.

This versatile and non-invasive procedure is well-suited for a broad spectrum of patients, including those who may not meet the criteria for other body contouring treatments or who prefer a non-surgical approach. What's more, it is compatible with all skin types and can be safely administered over tattooed areas. The convenience of treating multiple areas in just a 15-minute session makes it an attractive option, although individualized results may require subsequent sessions. On average, a remarkable 24% reduction in fat can be achieved with a single treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of TruSculpt?

truSculpt offers a multitude of advantages, primarily distinguished by its non-surgical approach to tackling persistent excess fat and addressing skin laxity concerns across the body. This results in a sculpted and tightened appearance. Remarkably, the treatment is completed swiftly in under 30 minutes and is associated with no downtime, allowing patients to promptly return to their daily activities. Moreover, truSculpt's adaptability is a key feature, as it can be meticulously tailored to address your specific concerns. Whether dealing with challenging-to-reach small areas or larger expanses, it effectively caters to various tissue densities, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized solution.

What can I expect from TruSculpt?

Before commencing the truSculpt treatment, the designated areas will be clearly marked, and adhesive pads will be applied to these regions, creating a secure foundation for the truSculpt applicators. These applicators, available in various sizes, including a handheld device, will then be positioned over the targeted treatment area. To ensure their stability throughout the session, the applicators will be securely fastened. The truSculpt procedure is often likened to the sensation of a warm stone massage, providing a therapeutic and comfortable warmth that effectively elevates the temperature of the underlying fat layer to approximately 45 degrees, thereby initiating programmed cell death.

The treatment duration can vary, spanning from 15 to 30 minutes, contingent on the size of the treatment area and the number of areas being addressed. Remarkably, results may become discernible after a single treatment, with optimal outcomes typically manifesting around 12 weeks following the final session.

Am I a good candidate for TruSculpt?

truSculpt is an individualised and precision-based treatment, rendering it suitable for a wide range of individuals. It proves most advantageous for those who have attained their desired, sustainable weight yet continue to contend with persistent fat deposits and excess skin across various body areas. However, it is essential to note that this treatment is not advised for individuals with pacemakers, metal implants in the targeted treatment area, or those who are presently pregnant. Furthermore, truSculpt may offer only mild skin tightening for individuals with pronounced skin laxity. To assess your eligibility and explore the potential benefits of this treatment, we strongly recommend initiating a consultation with our expert team.

What areas can be treated?

truSculpt is a versatile treatment that can effectively target areas on the body where excess fat is a concern. While it can be applied to various regions, the most frequently treated areas include:

  1. Upper and lower abdomen
  2. Upper arms
  3. Inner and outer thighs
  4. Buttocks
  5. Flanks
  6. Chin and jawline
  7. Back

When will I see results?

Skin tightening and fat reduction effects become visible after just one treatment. However, it's essential to keep in mind that maximum results will take approximately 12 weeks to fully manifest. During this time, the damaged fat cells gradually dissipate and are naturally absorbed by the body.

Is there any downtime?

After the procedure, the treated area will be warm and flushed but this will resolve in a day or so.  You can return to normal activities and fitness programs immediately after the treatment.

Will this treatment tighten my skin?

Because of the mechanism of action, the skin will tighten to an extent. If however, there is pre-existing skin laxity of marked degree, this should not be expected to totally disappear.

How many treatments do I need?

The average volume reduction at treatment sites is 24%. This may be sufficient for many people from one treatment, however, additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalised results you desire.

Is it safe for the skin, will it cause any damage?

truSculpt does not employ any cancer-inducing radiation, nor does it add any substances to the body. Other than for those patients who have internal appliances such as cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators, most who have appropriate indications, would be considered suitable for the procedure.

What areas can be treated?

Because the applicators are quite versatile, many body parts may be considered suitable, from under-chin and other small areas around the bra-line to wider areas like abdomens and flanks as well as thighs, both inner and outer.

Are the results permanent?

The fat cells that go after treatment with truSculpt®do not return, however, those that remain may increase in size. If weight is gained, it will tend to distribute over the whole body, rather than preferentially going to the “problem areas” that have been treated, so body proportion tends to be maintained, however fat will still be stored all over. It is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with sensible diet and exercise, to ensure overall health and well-being.

How does this differ from fat freezing?

truSculpt and CoolSculpting are both non-surgical methods of localised fat reduction, whereas liposuction is a surgical procedure. Liposuction will require some form of anaesthesia, either local, with or without sedation or general anaesthesia. This will involve small cuts in the skin and is a much more invasive procedure which will require recovery time and, usually, the wearing of special compression garments afterwards. The side effect profile is also, as with all more invasive procedures, greater.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure which uses controlled cooling to a precise temperature to produce its effect. truSculpt® employs radiofrequency to produce controlled heating to a precise temperature to produce its effect. So both of these are producing similar effects at the opposite ends of the temperature spectrum. truSculpt® treatments are shorter and the placement of the applicators means that it is a bit more versatile in terms of areas that may be treated.


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