About Face Cosmetics is a medical aesthetic clinic in the heart of Bankstown. Expect to receive personal service with a professional medical approach.

About Face Cosmetics, practices and works under best-practice guidelines, using only the best injecting strategies that are safe, effective and evidence based. Using only the highest quality, top end products, working along side the leading companies in the industry.

Each clients aesthetic goals are individual, we take our time in consultation to access this is why we stock the leading brands from America, France and Switzerland to cater for each clients personal aesthetic goals and preference.


Enhance and replace the natural curves of the face by adding volume to cheeks and lips and defining the natural contours of the jaw and chin.  

Smooths wrinkles and unwanted lines for a more fresh and rejuvenated appearance.
Boost hydration, stimulate your collagen and correct imperfection with our glowing medical skin grade treatments.

Oxygenetix Makeup and Teoxane Cosmeceuticals.

The Golden Ratio

To create truly extraordinary results, we must first understand the deeper science behind beauty. Beauty is displayed and expressed in various different ways and everyone has their own definition of what ‘beauty’ really is. However artists, painters and sculptors dating back to earlier times all understood and agreed that there is a mathematical element to beauty. In fact, ancient Greeks concluded that all beauty is in mathematics and that beauty is proportional in all things beautiful.

Research confirms that there is one mathematical relationship that is common and consistently identified in all beautiful things, this is known as ‘The Golden Ratio.’ The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio of 1.618:1 ensuring balance, proportion and symmetry. These aspects are vital to the perception of beauty thus promoting facial restoration through relation and contouring in view of The Golden Ratio.