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TruFlex Muscle Toning

Achieve stronger core muscles, increased muscle mass, and improved endurance with truFlex, without the need for lengthy gym sessions.

truFlex harnesses the power of direct muscle stimulation to activate muscle contractions, effectively simulating the intensified movements of a conventional workout. Clinical studies showcase a remarkable 30% increase in muscle mass after a single session. 

As a pioneer in the field of aesthetics, we’re proud to be one of the early adopters of truFlex in Sydney. This cutting-edge muscle-sculpting device is adaptable to your individual fitness level and goals, enabling you to sculpt, strengthen, and tone your skeletal muscles with precision. truFlex offers a trio of distinctive treatment modes, each designed to mirror the specific movements of a typical workout, encompassing twists, crunches, and squats, with a focus on distinct muscle groups. This unparalleled versatility accommodates a diverse range of individuals, whether you're on the path to recovery, starting from a lower fitness baseline, or aspiring to further define your well-earned muscles.


TruFlex Treatment for 2 areas - $499

The benefits
  • Enhancing core muscle strength, mitigating muscle separation, and refining your gym form.
  • Crafting well-defined muscle definition.
  • Alleviating muscle discomfort, including issues like back pain.
  • Enhancing endurance and fortitude.
  • Progressing steadily toward your health objectives.
  • Amplifying muscle mass for a more robust physique.
  • Firming and toning specific areas like arms, legs, buttocks, and abs.
  • Revving up your metabolism.
  • Attaining results that rival the effects of hours of dedicated gym workouts.
TruFlex Muscle Toning
TruFlex Muscle Toning
TruFlex Bankstown

Truflex muscle toning

How it works

At About Face Cosmetics, we're proud to offer truFlex. This cutting-edge treatment harnesses the power of Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology, using electrical muscle stimulation to deliver an impressive 54,000 muscle contractions per session while effectively targeting eight different areas. truFlex provides three distinct treatment modes to cater to diverse needs:

Prep Mode: Designed to build muscle tone gradually, Prep Mode initiates with a slow, twisting motion that gently warms up and stretches the muscles. It is especially suitable for individuals recovering from injuries or those with a lower fitness level.

Tone Mode: Replicating exercises that enhance core strength and muscle endurance; Tone Mode works muscles to exhaustion, followed by relaxation. Those who are fit and exercise regularly may opt for this mode first before transitioning to more intensive options.

Sculpt Mode: This intense mode is tailored to break down and rebuild muscle fibers, effectively increasing muscle mass through fast, concentrated, successive contractions. The choice of modes and treatment progression hinges on your tolerance to muscle contractions. Our highly trained staff ensures your comfort is monitored and maximized throughout the process.

truFlex has been supported by clinical studies that reveal potential muscle mass increases of up to 30%. While remarkable results may be observed in as few as four treatments, additional sessions might be necessary to achieve your desired personalized results. To optimize your experience, we recommend treatments twice weekly for the best outcomes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for TruFlex?

TruFlex treatments are well-suited for individuals in good health and typically yield optimal results for this demographic. Moreover, it can be therapeutically applied to individuals contending with back or knee issues resulting from injuries or chronic pain. This versatile treatment is ideal for developing core strength and facilitating increased physical activity. Nurse Rebecca will conduct a comprehensive consultation to determine candidacy, delving into your health and medical history.

What can I expect from TruFlex?

In preparation for your session, it's advisable to shave any hair from the targeted treatment areas, maintain proper hydration, and abstain from vigorous physical exercise within 12 hours before your appointment. The treatment commences with your clinician affixing adhesive gel pads to the specified muscle zones and then attaching electrodes to these pads. As the session progresses, you'll experience gentle muscle contractions that gradually intensify, contingent upon your chosen treatment mode. Most patients typically describe the discomfort during truFlex as mild to moderate, and our team actively ensures your comfort throughout the process. It's important to note that truFlex is non-invasive and necessitates no downtime, enabling you to resume your regular activities immediately following the treatment.

When will I see results?

You might start noticing results following your second session, with the full extent of the outcomes typically becoming most apparent within 8 to 12 weeks after your final session.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of a single treatment session can range from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the specific treatment plan you choose.

How long do results last?

The results typically endure for approximately 12 weeks; additional treatments may be needed to uphold these enhancements. Multiple sessions are typically necessary to achieve the most favourable outcomes. Many of our patients prefer a treatment schedule of two sessions per week over three weeks to reach their desired goals. Our expert staff will thoroughly discuss with you to determine the precise number of sessions needed to maintain your desired results.

How does TruFlex work?

The technology uses a unique electrical muscle stimulation method to target specific muscle groups. Its proprietary Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology simulates different workouts by replicating intensified twisting, squat and crunch actions. In clinical studies, muscle mass increased by an average of 30%.

Three treatment modes can be used during each session:

  • Prep Mode creates a twisting motion to warm up, stretch the muscles and slowly build a tolerance to muscle contractions.
  • Tone Mode contracts the muscles, holds them to the point of exhaustion, and then relaxes to increase strength and enhance endurance.
  • Sculpt Mode stimulates fast, deep, sequential contractions of the muscles for building muscle mass.

During the treatment, sticky gel pads are placed over the selected muscle groups and electrodes are applied to these pads. As the treatment begins, you will feel a gentle contraction sensation. As the intensity slowly increases, the muscle contraction intensifies. The truFlex® device produces different contraction patterns to stimulate various forms of exercise.

Following your procedure, you may notice tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and slight muscle soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Three treatment options replicate intensified crunch, squat and twisting actions.
  • Clinical studies resulted in an average of 30% muscle mass increase.
  • Up to eight areas can be treated in 45 minutes in as little as four sessions. However, treatments spaced at least two days apart and two weekly treatments are ideal.
  • Maximum results are visible 8-12 weeks after the last session. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalised results you desire.

How do you create a personalised muscle sculpting treatment plan?

We all have certain areas that we wish to improve, and we can tailor the plan according to what is desired and the level of initial fitness. Those who are recovering from injury or who have never exercised may wish to have a more extended program, starting more gently.
Meanwhile, those who are already very fit may begin more strongly to really define and stimulate already-impressive muscles. During each treatment, your “Flex trainer” will encourage you to gradually increase the intensity of muscle contractions to get the best result from your treatment.
It is recommended to have two treatments per week for two weeks or three weeks for the longer program and then continue with maintenance treatments after a few months. During this time, you are encouraged to continue your regular diet and fitness regimen.

Which treatment mode is best for my body?

The treatment mode will depend on your level of fitness. Those who have a low level of fitness or are recovering from injury may start with a preparatory mode, which will gradually get the muscles going, whereas those who are fitter may start with a “tone” mode and then progress to a “sculpt” mode. In all modes, the intensity level will gradually increase through the session according to tolerance.

Who can use truFlex?

Before considering truFlex treatments, your clinician will need to know that you do not have any conditions precluding its use, such as:

  • Implanted electrical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators.
  • Cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Hernia in the region to be treated.

Do I need to be a certain weight or muscularity to see results?

Those who are already lean will be better able to see their muscle definition and size improvements, but all will be able to see improvements in posture and strength. Try combining truSculpt with these treatments to reduce the overlying fat layer and improve their overall result.


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