Registered Nurse Rebecca Ziegler

Hello, I'm Rebecca, a passionate Registered Nurse and a true advocate for medical aesthetics. With years of dedicated experience in this field, I've developed a keen eye for every subtle detail that contributes to natural elegance and realism.

Leading About Face Cosmetics, I've worked tirelessly to create a haven where clients like you can experience the most cutting-edge innovations in aesthetic and anti-aging medical solutions. It's not just about enhancing your outer beauty but also about making you feel confident, vibrant, and truly yourself.

I'm thrilled to share this journey with you, where we'll embark on a path to embrace your unique beauty and restore your natural glow. Welcome to About Face Cosmetics, where we make your dreams of timeless beauty come true.


Cosmetic Nursing Excellence

My journey into cosmetic nursing began by earning my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the University of Notre Dame, which ignited my passion for helping others. I then honed my skills as an Anaesthetic nurse at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, where I learned invaluable professional standards and ethics.

My training also led me to industry leaders like Mondeal Aesthetics, Galderma, and Allergan, where I refined my expertise in facial injectables. Now, at About Face Cosmetics, I'm thrilled to use this experience to help you embrace your natural beauty and confidence. Let's take this journey together!