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You’ve no doubt heard about the importance of collagen in youthful, healthy skin. After all, the protein that provides structure and strength, giving skin its firmness and elasticity. 

Unfortunately however, as we age, our natural collagen production declines. Factors such as sun exposure, pollution, and lifestyle choices can accelerate collagen depletion, leading to premature aging and visible signs of skin damage.


2mL Bio Remodelling - $850

4mL Bio Remodelling - $1,600

6mL Bio Remodelling - $2,250

Treatable areas

Face: Bio-Remodelling is often used to target facial areas such as the cheeks, forehead, temples, nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines, jawline, and around the eyes (crow's feet). It can help improve overall skin texture and tightness.

Neck: Bio-Remodelling can be applied to the neck to reduce the appearance of neckbands, improve skin laxity, and create a smoother neck contour.

Bio Remodelling Bankstown

Bio Remodelling

How it works

At About Face Cosmetics, our Bio Remodelling product
is crafted with a unique blend of compounded ingredients, each designed to provide specific benefits to the skin. Bio Remodelling works by focusing on plumping and lifting, while its low molecular weight counterpart delivers deep hydration. The product's texture is often compared to the spreadability of honey.

Administered by Nurse Rebecca via syringe, the product targets approximately ten injection points on the face for optimal absorption and even distribution beneath the skin. The procedure typically lasts 10 to 30 minutes. Post-treatment, the product stimulates collagen and elastin production, effectively tightening ageing skin. Patients may experience minor bumps under the skin for about 24 hours as the product is assimilated.

Most individuals undergo two treatments spaced four weeks apart. Visible results usually appear around two months post-treatment, requiring maintenance after six months.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Bio Remodelling and fillers?

Bio Remodelling compounds are designed to address volume loss in the face, aiming to enhance features such as apple cheeks or a well-defined jawline and pointed chin. Bio Remodelling is a product of hybrid cooperative complexes of high and low molecular weight compounds, with each size fulfilling a distinct function crucial for exerting a remodelling effect on the dermal layer of the skin. This process facilitates improvements in skin texture and quality.

How many treatments will I need?

The treatment plan consists of 2-3 sessions, spaced four weeks apart, with effects lasting up to 6 months. The specific number of sessions will be determined during consultation with experienced physicians. The ingredients used are integral to the process, initiating collagen production and improving skin hydration during rejuvenation. Visible results typically emerge around three to four weeks after the procedure.

How long will my Bio Remodelling treatment last?

Patient outcomes can exhibit individual variations and tend to ameliorate progressively with time. The effects of the treatment typically endure for approximately 6 months, necessitating subsequent maintenance to sustain the achieved results.

Distinguishing between Bio-Remodelling and dermal fillers, we find that dermal fillers are primarily geared towards enhancing skin volume and achieving a fuller facial appearance. In contrast, Bio-Remodelling concentrates on skin hydration and the enhancement of overall skin quality, promoting a healthier and more radiant complexion.

Are there any side effects?

Symptoms such as pain, the sensation of heat, redness or swelling, sometimes associated with itching, may appear at the injection site. These symptoms can be relieved by applying ice to the treated area. They generally disappear in a short period of time but may persist for up to 10 days. In extremely rare cases, as described in the literature, discolouration at the injection site, necrosis, abscess, granuloma and hypersensitivity may occur after the hyaluronic acid injection.

  • Swelling, bruising, and redness
  • Occasional bleeding
  • Tenderness, pain, and discomfort
  • The possibility of developing lumps beneath the skin (temporary)
  • Rare occurrences of damage to blood vessels
  • Potential allergic reactions
  • Risk of infection

It's essential to keep the treated area clean, and you may notice five lumps on each side of the face on the day of treatment, which should subside over the next day or two. Massage of the area is not recommended.

Can I recieve treatment while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend receiving treatment while pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the contraindications associated?

It must not be used in concurrence with treatments such as laser resurfacing and medium-deep skin peeling.

  • Do not use bio remodelling if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid 
  • If you have severe allergies manifested by a history of anaphylaxis, 
  • Avoid treatment if there are cysts, pimples, rashes, or hives or if infection is present.
  • Check with your doctor if you have any other medical conditions.

What can I expect from my treatment?

In Bio Remodelling, the treatment involves ten injection points, evenly distributed with five on each side of the face. The procedure is minimally invasive, focusing on injecting a specific volume of product into targeted points to maximise product diffusion. Importantly, no prior patient preparation is required for Bio Remodelling, making it a convenient option for those seeking rejuvenation without extensive preparation.

Who is Bio Remodelling suitable for?

Bio Remodelling is suitable for individuals expressing concerns about skin ageing, as evaluated by your cosmetic practitioner. Ageing processes result in declines in collagen, elastin, and compounds, contributing to structural and functional changes in the skin. These changes may reduce barrier function and hydration, along with increased sagging, pore size, wrinkles, and other undesirable alterations in skin quality.

What is Bio Remodelling like?

Bio Remodelling is injected into the skin using an ultra-fine needle at five pre-determined injection points on each side of the face. Each treatment session typically lasts around 10 minutes.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime. It is advisable to avoid alcohol, aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication in the 24 hours before treatment.

Immediately after treatment, you should avoid wearing make-up and give sports, swimming and any other strenuous physical activity a miss for 24 hours. It is also best to avoid saunas and steam rooms for a few days after treatment.