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Russian Lip Technique Sydney

The Russian lip technique in Sydney is an aesthetic procedure that is increasing its popularity and consists of giving fullness to the lips without the marked frontal projection. We are About Face Cosmetics, the most suitable provider of facial aesthetic treatments and the answer to your needs in terms of facial rejuvenation. With an accurate application of our discreet fillers, we can achieve that natural look you need and give your face a smooth and youthful appearance.

Our expert and fully accredited cosmetic registered nurse, Rebecca, understand that shape and volume are the fundamental aspects of lip aesthetics, which must not only consider the dimensions of the lips, but also their relationship with other details of facial anatomy such as size and distance between the eyes, the shape of the eyebrows and the height of the cheekbones, the nasal profile and the width of the filtrum. In order to keep in mind all these aspects that are relevant to the Russian leap technique in Sydney, our professional injector has a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to this treatment including skin, human anatomy and more. We believe that to create truly extraordinary results, we must first understand the deeper science behind beauty. Beauty is displayed and expressed in various different ways and everyone has their own definition of what ‘beauty’ really is.

Our Russian lip technique in Sydney is proved to be second to none in terms of quality because it is a framework that adapts to the specific needs of each client, in a plan developed according to their goals. Speak to us now if you want more information about our treatment and what other plans we can offer you to gain back a beautiful and youthful appearance. Do not hesitate to contact us and book your appointment with the leaders in Russian lip technique in Sydney.