2021 Packages


This package is designed to lift and contour the cheeks or jaw line. Customised to individual needs this is a good entry point into fillers and what they can achieve. Filler can be volume mid face to support volume loss or contour to lateral cheek to enhance natural bone structure.

2ml Cheek or Jaw | $1100


This package allows you to address different areas customised to your needs and goals. Rejuvenating the overall appearance of the face. This is a perfect start to your rejuvenation journey or your maintenance program. Designed to address specific needs, contour and shaping, lifting and restoring volume loss.

4ml Dermal Filler | $1999

Lips and Refresh Max

This package allows us to focus on clear, hydrated, younger looking skin. The relaxing hydration facial treatment. A powerful combination of natural ingredients delivered directly to various layers of the skin. Anti wrinkle treatment to 2 areas to restore, relax and soften frown and forehead lines. Topped off with hydrated fresh lips.

2 Areas Antiwrinkle | 1ml Dermal Filler | Aquapure Facial | $999

Refresh Set Glow

Valentine’s Day Ready All Year Round

Ultimate hydration and glow, A skin booster that brightens, plumps, hydrates & strengthens the skin giving your complexion the ultimate glow. Add a little anti wrinkle to refresh and your well and truly on your way. (can be used in the Skin booster to minimise pores or as a muscle relaxant to soften the frown) Topped of with fresh hydrated lips.

1ml Dermal Filler | 2 Areas Anti Wrinkle | 3ml Hydrating Skin Booster Treatment | $1399

Renew and Refresh

2ml dermal filler 3 areas anti wrinkle | $1500
3ml dermal filler 3 areas anti wrinkle | $1900


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Treatment Menu 2021

Full face consultation (30min) | $100

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

This is a guide only and depends on how many units you require to achieve your goal. You will be guided during your consultation with our Registered Nurse on what product and the amount you need to get the look you want. Popular treatment areas are frown, forehead, crows feet, Gummy smile, lips lines and jaw slimming.

Type A $14 Per Unit


Type A $14 Per Unit

2 AREAS (female dose) $400
3 AREAS (female dose) $600
2 AREAS (male dose) $600
3 AREAS (male dose) $800

Teeth Grinding & Jaw Slimming COST: $500 - $1000

This treatment targets the masseter muscle, relaxing it to create a slimming affect. Depending on individual needs and goals the dose can vary. You will be guided during your consultation.

Anti-Sweating Treatment COST: $800-$1200

Severe underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) This treatment stops sweating in common areas. Speak with our Nurse to discuss treatment options.


There are many areas that can be treated with filler, most popular being cheek, under eye, chin, jaw, temples and preoricular. These areas can be treated for beautification, contouring and positive aging. You will be guided during your consultation with the amount of product and product selection best recommended to achieve your results and work towards your goals. We stock a range of brands to work within your budget, be sure to ask in your consultation.

1ml $400-$650 | 2ml $950-$1200 | 3ml $1400-$1700 | 4ml $1800-$2200 | 5ml $2200-$2700 (including lips)

Lip Treatment

0.5ml Projection and Pout/Maintenance $350 | 1ml Hydration Definition $400 | 1ml Natural Enhancement $500 | 1ml Juice Long Lasting Pout $550 | 1ml Thick Long Lasting Projection and Pout $600

(We have different brand options to cater for your goals, you will be guided during your consultation)

Volume Range

1ml Volume $650 | 2ml Volume $1200 | 3ml $1700 4ml Package $2200 Premium Volume Product (Designed for volume and lifting)

Contour Range

1ml $600 | 2ml $1100 | 3ml $1550 | 4ml Package $2000 Premium Contour Product (Designed for contouring and definition)

Restore Range

1ml Mild (natural for lips and fine lines) $400 | 1ml Thick $500 | 1ml Lift $550 | 1ml Bone Shaping $550 | 3ml Package $1400 | 4ml Package $1800

Medical Skin Treatments

Skin Boosters | Glow and Hydrator Injections

One of the most popular treatments today. A anti-ageing treatment that contains a combination of highly concentrated non-cross linked HA, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins with a state-of-the-art delivery method, to naturally rejuvenate the skin. Recommended 3 treatments 4 weeks apart, it is effective with visible results from the first treatment, However completing the course of the treatments you will achieve optimal results.

1 Treatment $660 | 3 Treatment Package $1800 | Add Relaxant $200 (Used to tighten and close the pores - known in Korea as glass skin)

PDO MONO Threads

A revitalisation skin treatment. This treatment is recommended for skin tightening, skin thickening and to improve skin texture to assist in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. These threads are not designed to lift the skin but treat the skin's overall texture and appearance. Mono threads can be used: Mid-face, Accordion lines, eyebrows, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, jawline, and the under-chin region.

Nasolabial Folds $450 | Peri Oral Region $450 | Lower Cheek $600 - $700 | Oral Coms $450 | Double Chin $600 - $700 | Eyebrow $600

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Skin

1 Tube $550 | 2+ Tubes $500 per tube

Aquapure Facial | $149

Aquapure delivers powerful natural ingredients directly to various layers of your skin to promote a rejuvenated, brighter and more glowing complexion. Your nourishing, refreshing facial that delivers immediate results without discomfort or downtime. Powerful deep-cleaning facial for hydrated and glowing skin Deep serum infusion technology for skin rejuvenation. Perfect companion treatment: boosts the benefits of all other skin treatments.