PDO Threads

How long until I see results of the Matrix Mono Threads?
You will begin to see results within six weeks of your treatment. These results will continue to improve over the next 2–6 months as new collagen is produced.

How long do the results last?
Matrix Mono Threads help to create new collagen that supports your face and creates a tightening effect that lasts 6–12 months after your treatment. The results vary depending on lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, exercise etc. It is recommended to have another Matrix Mono Thread treatment six months after the initial treatment to maintain the tightening effects.

Does the procedure hurt?
Topical anaesthetic will be applied before the Matrix Mono Thread treatment, so you experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may experience a firm feeling and some tenderness in the area that has been treated for a few days after the procedure.

How long does the Matrix Mono Thread treatment take?
The time of the treatment will vary based on factors, such as the size of the area being treated, but will typically take anywhere between 30–60 minutes.

What is the downtime for this procedure?
A Matrix Mono Thread treatment may produce swelling and bruising in the area that has been treated, which will subside after a few days.

Pre Treatment Instructions

  • Avoid Alcohol and smoking.
  • Schedule procedure at least one week prior to a special occasion or event.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication (consult Doctor prior, if necessary).
  • Avoid treatment if you have active infections in the treatment area.

Post Treatment Instructions

  • Please do not apply oil-based moisturiser or makeup for the next 24 hours. After that, apply your makeup gently for five days.
  • When applying makeup, do not use brushes / sponges for two days due to cleanliness of the brush / sponge.
  • Avoid facial contact with animals or their coats for one week to ensure cleanliness.
  • Ice may be applied to soothe area of treatment.
  • Bruising is to be expected, but can be variable from minimal to severe. Hirudoid or Arnica Cream can be used to assist in resolution.
  • Please sleep on your back and elevate your head for the first three nights.
  • Please do not have any facials or face massages for three weeks.
  • There may be mild tenderness in the treated area for approximately one week.
  • If you experience a ‘ping’ sensation where the threads have been placed, massage for 2–3 seconds.
  • Avoid strenuous contact sports for three weeks.
  • Avoid exaggerated facial movements like chewing, talking or yawning for three weeks. You may move your face in a normal fashion.
  • No dental surgery for four weeks.
  • Avoid saunas or heat treatments for three weeks.
  • Do not have heat treatments (RF / Laser) in the area of the threads for three months.
  • In the very rare instance that you experience any thread extrusion after your treatment, simply pull the thread out and disregard.

Results can be expected in 8–12 weeks.

Beauty Booster V2

Our V2 ‘Beauty Booster’ treatments are designed to prevent the premature ageing of your skin and boost the radiance of your face through hyaluronic acid injections providing intense nourishment, hydration and volume.
With age, we can lose up to 2/3 of our hydration. As this happens, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile, dehydrates and its elasticity diminishes. Although our skin undergoes changes, we can take action to stimulate and conserve its beauty!

What is it?
The treatment works to keep your skin replenished, hydrated and beautiful for longer. The formula consists of natural and free hyaluronic acid combined with anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins naturally present in our skin. The hyaluronic acid injections compensate the natural loss of these substances and stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, leaving you with restored volume and an enhanced skin glow.

Skin Quality Improvement
This treatment rejuvenates the skin through intense hydration, antioxidant protection and cell regeneration. Results expected include:

  • Improvement of skin’s glow
  • Improvement of skin’s elasticity
  • Improvement of texture
  • Increased hydration

How does it work?
A session consists of micro-injections containing very small quantities of dermal filler applied directly under your skin with a very fine needle. An anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the treatment before the injections then the filler is painlessly applied along the lines of wrinkles and is distributed evenly around your whole face.
A full-face treatment session usually lasts around 20 minutes.
Results are visible immediately after your first session. You will notice your skin will have better colour, less creasing, better hydrated and becomes more supple.
Common Questions

Are there any side effects?
Minor inconveniences such as a slight lack of comfort and a few small spots may appear after a session, however these will generally disappear quickly after. Any bruising or marks will usually disappear within 6-8 hours after the treatment. However we recommend 24 hours just to be safe.

Does it require pain relief?
An anaesthetizing cream will be applied before the treatment to reduce discomfort levels. The treatment is generally almost painless and any discomfort is temporary.

How long do the effects last?
The effects will work differently on every individual and depend on several factors including skin type, age, treated area and injection technique.

For optimum results and longer lasting benefits, it is highly recommended to complete the following treatment protocol:

  • 3 sessions at 3-week intervals for maximum results and lasting effects
  • For maintenance: 1 session usually 3 times a year.

Platelet Rich Plasma

What is Regen PRP?
PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which is blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets, also known as thrombocytes. PRP can help regenerate and revitalise damaged skin, reduce fine lines and improve skin texture.

What is Regen PRP®?
Regen PRP® is a world leading system for the preparation of PRP developed by RegenLab of Switzerland. Regen PRP® is an approved system that has been used to successfully treat fine lines worldwide since 2008.

How does it work?
Direct injection of Regen PRP® into the skin supports and helps accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and repair.

Regen PRP® contains fundamental growth factors released by activated platelets to help initiate the tissue regeneration process by:
Stimulation of new collagen production

Induction of mesenchymal stem cell division and differentiation

Stimulation of angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels

What does the treatment involve?
Preparing Regen PRP® is a quick and easy process.
Blood is collected from you in 1-2 specially designed tubes which are then centrifuged for 5-10 minutes. During centrifugation, a patented gel within the tubes isolates PRP from other unrequired cells within the blood.

Regen PRP® is then ready for application. Depending on the indication, it can be applied:

  • As multiple small superficial injections
  • As deeper injections using a type of blunt needle called a cannula
  • Topically in combination with other treatments

Is it safe?
Because Regen PRP® uses your own blood, the risk of immunological reactions or contamination
with transmissible diseases is eliminated.

Is it right for me?
Talk to your skin care specialist to see if Regen PRP® is suitable for you.

Regen is suitable for:

  • Tired and dry skin, laxity of skin, uneven pigmentation
  • Signs of skin aging
  • Overall texture and tone improvement
  • Certain types of alopecia or general hair thinning
  • People who may experience risk of allergic reactions from other treatments
  • People looking for a natural treatment

Results of Regen PRP® treatment:

  • Improved skin colour, elasticity, tone and thickness
  • Remodelling of the collagen fibres
  • Long-term smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Faster healing following aesthetic treatments e.g. laser skin treatment and dermal needling

Suggested Patient Preparation for A PRP Treatment
5 – 7 days before treatment: Stop taking supplements that increase bruising and bleeding

  • Green Tea
  • Omegas (Fish Oils)
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • Garlic
  • Echinacea
  • St Johns wort
  • Vitamin E
  • Nurofen
  • Voltaren
  • Aspirin (After consulting your doctor)

Hydrate, drinking H2O leading up to and after the appointment for your procedure.

Reduce Alcohol and Fat & Caffeine intake 24 hours before Treatment

5 – 7 days before take Arnica Tablets, Purchased from health food stores and chemists.

Arnica is commonly sold commercially in tablet or cream form. Arnica tablets have been widely used as supplementary homeopathic treatment for bruises, strains and sprains, for pre- and post-operative care, for muscular pain, and for shock and trauma, among others.

Post Care Bromelain Enzyme (Pineapple Enzyme ) has been found to shorten the life of a bruise. Purchased from health food stores.

Post Treatment Instructions

  • Swelling will be present for 24 to 48 hours. The swelling will subside, sleep elevated.
  • Avoid touching your face for at least two hours to allow injection sites to heal over.
  • Wash your hands before touching injected areas to avoid introducing external infection.
  • Gently massage area with Arnica cream to comfort.
  • Your treated area will feel a bit tender for a few days.
  • Bruising may occur Arnica tablets or spray may help to speed the recovery.
  • Lasonil cream can be applied to the area to help the body metabolize the bruise at a greater speed.
  • Avoid exposure to prolonged sunlight, rigorous exercise, saunas, hot baths and excessive amounts of alcohol, as this will increase the swelling and the possibility of bruising. However a celebration drink is acceptable!
  • Keep the area free of oil based products, heavy cosmetics and thick moisturizers for at least four hours.
  • It is essential that you attend your review appointment in 2 to 4 weeks time so that we can compare with your before photo. A three month check-up is also required to check your progress.

AquaGold Fine Touch Facial

First of its kind, patented micro channeling technology, each thinner than a human hair. Designed to painlessly and effectively deliver bioactive compounds into the skin, avoiding common complications associated with traditional techniques.

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ works on the principle of delivering active medicines and cosmeceutical ingredients into the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin, penetrating the skin’s protective outer layer to ensure effective delivery of all ingredients.

This results in improving the quality and structure of the skin and enhancing cell regeneration at a deeper level. The skin is left fresher and more radiant, while avoiding common complications or risks associated with traditional mesotherapy or injectable techniques, that can often be painful, require downtime and even cause skin irritation.

MICRO-CHANNEL SKIN NEEDLING DEVICE with patented technology using 24ct gold plated needles each thinner than a human hair.

Dr Christopher Pavlou
“AQUAGOLD provides the skin revitalizing benefits of microneedling less invasively. I customize a proprietary cocktail of super ingredients like DERMAL FILLER and Neuromodulator and stamp delicate areas like your eyes, décolletage, and hands with it. You’ll glow instantly.”  

Kim Kardasian West
“Really easy, quick, not painful, I already feel like my skin is glowing. I might make this part of my monthly routine”

The results of the AquaGold Fine Touch treatment include:

  • Reduced appearance of pores – this is due to the micro droplets of neuromodulators (anti-wrinkle injections) which is delivered into the dermis  (not the muscle as with normal use). Instead of acting as a muscle relaxant it works to reduce oil and sweat production and can cause a physical shrinking of the pores.  *Pore size reduction is temporary and will return to “normal” once the neuromodulator wears off.
  • Smoother skin and reduced fine lines due to micro dermal filler injections and micro neuromodulator injections
  • Improved appearance of superficial scars when combined with dermal filler
  • Overall skin rejuvenation due to our mesotherapy solutions
  • Facial tightening effect when using our facial tightening or mesopeptide solutions
  • Brightened skin when combined with pigment inhibitors
  • Prolonged results of regular anti-wrinkle injections with our specialised Mesotox solution

Enhanced results of other treatments such as BBL, radiofrequency and peels.

Please note that the Aquagold Fine Touch is not a TGA listed device and is therefore not intended for medical or therapeutic use. This is not a medical treatment and does not deliver a therapeutic benefit for the skin. The Aquagold fine touch facial is a beatification treatment aimed to improve skin quality and luminosity. Results are temporary and used to enhance the skin. Those with significant skin conditions may require more intervention with other treatment modalities.


What does the treatment involve?
The AquaGold Fine Touch Rejuvenating Treatment is an injectable device that uses 24 karat gold needles, finer than a single hair follicle, to evenly distribute facial fillers and anti wrinkle toxin combines with vitamins across the entire face into the skin’s deep layers.

The treatment is painless and the needles are gently stamped into the skin to allow the solution to seamlessly enter the dermis of the skin. The needles contain special channels that allow the ingredients such as the neuromodulators and dermal fillers to flow into the correct level of the skin. Pinpoint bleeding is not expected but transient redness may occur.

How long do the results last?
Results are seen within 3-7 days after treatment and typically last approximately 3-4 months. Procedure can be done as often as every 4-12 weeks doing several treatments throughout the year will continue to improve overall appearance of skin. This does NOT replace a normal botox or filler treatment!

Is there down time?
The first-of-its-kind microchanneling technology and 24k pure gold-plated needles offer painless results with no downtime.